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University of Massachusetts Lowell:
"I was grateful for the opportunity to be trained by Alternative Dispute Resolution Services (ADRMediator, Inc.). It was truly a privilege, because J.R.'s expertise and insight into the dynamics of an effective mediation are so extensive. His experience mediating hundreds of conflicts was very apparent, as he brought appropriate guidance for multiple types of scenarios.

His training was particularly enriching in that he dealt with conflict variables as well as human psychology/personality variables. I had time to role-play and receive insights to further hone my skills through the training. I appreciated his focus on thoughtful listening, which he not only taught but also demonstrated while watching the role-plays and providing input. I believe J.R.'s training can benefit even the most experienced mediator. I recommend him to everyone who wishes to attain basic credentials, as well as those who want to take on the challenge of attaining a new level of expertise."

Rebecca H.
Equal Opportunity Associate

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Mediation Recommendations

U.S. Department of Justice Karen Potosnak Assistant District Counsel

It was a great pleasure to meet you and work with you on this case! I think that the settlement was a good deal for all parties certainly, it was a good deal for Mr. Sitake. I was impressed with the effectiveness of the mediation and walked out of the mediation with a much better appreciation for the process.

Both Michael Comfort and Steve Branch were satisfied with the result. Mr. Comfort was pleased with your services, so hopefully you may receive some repeat business. I certainly will recommend you for any mediation I may become involved in. I hop to be able to work with you in the future.

U.S. Department of Justice - Dean Hove Deputy District Director

I would like to take this opportunity to give you some feedback on the recent mediation that you handled recently for this office. I found the process to be very professionally done and appreciate that the outcome of the mediation seemed satisfactory to both the agency and the complainant.

I'd like to add a personal note that I enjoyed meeting you and certainly see why your company is apparently very successful. If all of the mediatiors share the skills that you have acquired, I'm certain that most all of your clients would give a similar endorsement.

Roebuck PC - Christopher S. Smith Attorney At Law

It was a pleasure meeting you Monday, in the mediation of my client's employment dispute with TDCJ. I was very pleased with the outcome, and felt that your insight and advice before and during the mediation contributed a great deal to our success.

My client was very pleased with the outcome. Hopefully, we will have the chance to work together again in the Future

Training References

Occupational Safety & Health Administration Region 6 Texas:
"Thank you so much for the intense training you gave our investigators. You were a wealth of knowledge in the area of conflict resolution; your techniques will help our investigators work through very tough EEO types of investigations."

Texas Department of Criminal Justice:
"I hope you enjoy the gavel we had made for you after your excellent training you provided us in Huntsville. The wardens were extremely impressed with your knowledge and examples of situations that will surely help them in their day-to-day dealing with conflict in their facilities. We look forward to working with your organization."

"Thank you for presiding over the mediation with our executives regarding the Space Shuttle Disaster of 2002. We were extremely pleased with the outcome. We believe this process will be continued on in our organization because of your skills in helping us understand the importance of utilizing mediation to resolve employment issues in the work place. Our understanding of conflict resolution has been greatly enhanced because of your knowledge and experience."

Glen D. - Supreme Court of Arizona:
"Thank you for the great material and the time you spent with me on the training. Your knowledge is incredible, and I now understand why you are a success in the area of mediation and training. Thank you again; I look forward to working with you in the future.

I am very interested in how our system here could be made more efficient, get more people to settlement faster and be less of a drain on court resources. From what I have heard, the approach you worked on in Texas is certainly an improvement over how we are doing things here. As we discussed, I am here on the bench until at least the end of November, and I intend to try to participate in the discussion on how to improve our way of doing things here in the meantime from my perspective as a family court judge. I have done several of the ADR mediations recently and have observed firsthand the problems with the way it is handled here. There is clearly room for improvement."

Texas Department of Insurance:
"We have been so pleased with the quality of education your organization has provided; we will continue to utilize your services."