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Comprehensive In-Classroom & Online Mediation Training

Learn the skills you need to help settle conflicts with classroom or online mediation training from We offer an amazing opportunity for you to capitalize on the fast-growing trend of court, business, and educational conflict resolution. After you complete our course, call our support line (which operates 12 hours per day) to manage your new skills. We also offer additional documents and manuals to encourage the development of your mediation practice. We are State Bar Approved see our Certifications for MCLE Credit.

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What You'll Learn:

• What Is Mediation & How To Start
• Model Standards for Mediators
• Opening Statements & How To Prepare for Mediation
• Negotiation Techniques
• Marketing Your Mediation Practice
• Practical Tips In Mediation
• Importance Of Listening In Mediation
• How To Prepare a Settlement Agreement
• Impasse Techniques & How To Prevent Them
• Different Styles Of Mediation
• How To Build a Thriving, Profitable Practice

Everything You Need To Mediate

Stop waiting and begin your future now! We provide both basic mediation training and family mediation training. All states accept this training as the required level of education needed to practice as a mediator. Some additional classes might be required, so please verify what you'll need with your local bar association. Typically, you can complete the course in four days and begin mediating immediately. Each course includes:

•  Flash Drive with Training, Documentation, & Helpful Information
• Certificate Showing Your Certification
• Letter of Congratulations
• Documents to Help You Start Your Practice

Additional Materials for Basic Mediation Training
Marketing Your Mediation Practice Manual
• Tips On Mediation Manual
• Negotiation Manual
• Documents for Scheduling Meditation
• Mediator Agreements
• Sample Settlement Agreements & More

Choosing the Right Mediation Training

Don't be misled by the high cost of other online mediation training programs our company is approved by the US Dept of Education. We have been training for over 35 years and have not raised our prices, we are the oldest training company in the world and the most reputable 5 stars on Yelp and Google. All states require a minimum of 40 hours of training for basic and 30+ hours for family either in person or online. Free mediation classes will not qualify you as a mediator for court or even business mediation appointments. Call and ask how long they have been training before you take their course if the trainer has only done a few hundred that is not enough experience, our mediator trainers are retired Judges and practicing attorneys with over 4,000 mediations. Our prices have remained the same for 35 years.

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