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Employment Disputes & Litigation Protection for Employers

Stop fighting and cease all litigation. We can show you how to stay out of the courtroom, enhancing productivity for your company and saving you money. Houston, Texas-based is one of the most respected conflict resolution companies in the world with affiliates worldwide. We offer all businesses' litigation protection and enhanced resolution for employee disputes outside of court.

Avoid Court Cases

Litigation is one of the fastest growing issues in the world today. Business owners and managers feeling as though they are constantly walking on eggshells to ensure they are not sued by their employees. We understand these concerns and have spent the last 30 years assisting companies so they can protect themselves from this specific litigation. Labor litigation is one of most costly and hardest to defend, so turn to us for protection. We have helped many companies solve their disputes equitably for all parties—and in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost. Employees are always trying to find ways to make more money, don't let it be from you. We can also train and certify your human resource staff as certified mediators to further enhance your employee relations. Watch Videos on what has happened to many large US Companies.

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False Assumption One:
One of the biggest mistakes employers and managers make is assuming that their general liability policy will protect or indemnify them from litigation by their employees. Unfortunately, this is a false assumption. The fact is, if you fail to carry Employers Practice Liability Insurance, any and all litigation fees and settlements come directly out of the employer's own pocket.

False Assumption Two:
Another mistake employers make is thinking that it takes hundreds of employees to file a class action lawsuit. Not true. It only takes two employees to file a class action litigation suit against their employer. Once the suit has been filed then any employee who has ever worked for the company in the past two years can and will be contacted and incorporated into the litigation.

More Cost-Effective Way To Resolve Disputes In the Workplace

Mediation saves business and individuals more than $1.4 billion annually, so be sure to utilize our services as a preventive measure to save even more and increase productivity. Our program will pay for itself in the first year.

Save Money

The average amount spent by an employer to defend against a class action lawsuit is $130,000 through the trial phase. This amount increases if the judgment is appealed by either party, even if you have done nothing wrong. 97 percent of all cases are settled before trial, with or without mediation. For every $1.49 spent on legal fees, the cost would be reduced to $0.53 for arbitration and further reduced to $0.14 for resolution through mediation.

Save Time

On average, it takes two to four years to settle a dispute through litigation. Managers also spend 30-50 percent of their time dealing with employee conflicts. However, 96 percent of mediation cases reach resolution after one day with less than 4 percent going to trial.

Boost Productivity

Absenteeism increases throughout the workforce when mediation is not used. Stress-related disability claims also rise whenever mediation is not a factor, while the desire to perform optimally decreases.

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