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About Us

For more than three decades, has been the leader in providing the highest level of professional mediators and arbitrators. The neutrals who take our mediation training courses come from all areas of practice, education, and experience. Affiliate offices are located worldwide, providing the most qualified neutrals in any location. Our mediators and arbitrators have extensive experience representing clients such as:

• U.S. Department of Justice
• Homeland Security
• Securities & Exchange Commission
• Texas Department of Transportation
• Texas Department of Criminal Justice
• McDonalds™
• Texas Children's Hospital
• U.S. Department of Justice Immigration
• Occupational Safety and Hazard Administration (OSHA)
• Wal-Mart™
• eBay™
• Coca-Cola™
• U.S. Postal Service

Choosing the Right Neutral Parties

We offer an efficient and sensible method of selecting neutrals. We search through our database of highly skilled professionals to select neutral parties who will best meet the client's specific requests. Parameters include experience, area of specialization, education, background, hourly rate, or any other aspect the client deems important.

Narrowing the Selection

All parties are involved in the selection process of the neutral. Our company narrows the selection to a panel of five neutrals who meet the needs of each party. The parties involved then have the opportunity to agree, through a strike and select process, on the final mediator or arbitrator that will assist in their dispute. We make the selection process easy by utilizing the ability to choose from virtually any combination of qualification requirements. This ensures the selection of qualified neutrals acceptable to both parties. This initiates the process of working toward cooperation.