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                                                    Classroom Training
Classroom Training. Please be advised that the class maybe canceled prior to training if the required amount of attendance does not meet our minimum required amount of students. In the case of ADR canceling the training class you will receive a full and immediate refund. Course Cost is $895.00 should you cancel, a cancellation fee of $100 if made 10 days prior to course will be charged and the remainder refunded.
No refund will be paid if you cancel 9 or less days prior to course.

Classroom Training by specific date total cost $895.00

Class Room Dates

Combined Online Basic and Family Mediation

Basic and Family Mediation Combined and Save $50

Discount Price of $440.00 a $50 Discount for purchasing both at one time. Shipping Charges are $15.95 which is another additional saving of $15.95. You will receive directions to begin Basic Mediation Training first once you have completed and passed the Basic Mediation Training you will be directed to the Family Mediation Training once completed and passed you will receive both Certifications and CD for developing your practice.

Order Basic and Family Mediation $440.00 Plus Shiping

Basic Mediation Training - Online

This course is designed to teach you the basic steps and to Certify you as a Mediator. Our course is approved by world-wide. Approve for 40 Hours MCLE Plus 3 Hours Ethics in Texas and 50 hours CLE in Florida. You will learn all the techniques require by all court systems to
mediate through the courts or for private practice.

Basic Mediation Training Purchase $295.00 Plus Shipping. Please make sure that you want to proceed once you receive the sign-in and password there is no refund for the course, you will have access to all of our training material. This course is required first before
taking the Family Mediation Training.

Order Basic Mediation Training $295.00 Plus $15.95 shipping

Family Mediation Training - Online

This course is designed to be completed after the Basic Mediation Course. This course meets the State requirement of 24 hours of continued education specializing on Family Mediation. You will learn the important issues involved in a Family or Divorce Mediation and will help you in your efforts to provide Family Mediation. Approved by State Bar of Texas for 27.25 Hours MCLE and 1.75 Hours Ethics.

Family Mediation Training $195.00 Plus Shipping. Please make sure that you want to proceed once your payment is processed there is no refund. You will have full access to our training material, along with sign-in and password instructions.

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$195.00 Plus $15.95 shipping